Certified by the Houston Area Safety Council
OSHA Compliant
100% Streak Free Driveway Cleaning Pressure Washing and House Washing / Soft-Wash Mold Removal Services in League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Alvin, Dickinson, Pearland, Pasadena, Houston and all surrounding areas.  

YES - Streak Free Concrete Cleaning 
1 Year Guarantee No Streaks Return or
We Re-Clean for Free
(Unmatched in the Industry! )

Check our extensive Photo Gallery to see just how Awesome we are.

Certified, Registered, Licensed
& Insured ($2M Policy)
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We prefer to show you what to expect. All pics are 100% our own work. 

Photos include Residential, Commercial, Multiple HOA and Government/NASA contracts.

Superior Quality at Affordable Prices
For concrete cleaning, proper equipment is key. We utilize dual operating commercial grade concrete surface cleaners up to 4000 psi with Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions that removes years, even decades, of dirt, mold, mildew, tannin stains from leaves, berries and acorns, grease and other organic substances. We guarantee no streaks when we're finished. As tough as this process can be, it doesn't have to be expensive. Our custom built truck mounted and trailer mounted systems provide complete functionality unlike any other system in the industry. Work smarter, operate efficiently, provide superior results, and keep prices affordable.​ Please see our "Residential" Services page for full pricing to meet everyones needs and budget. No other company advertises such a comprehensive price list. 
 (Ever wonder why?)
Call, email or text to verify our low rates and schedule an appointment. 
Some companies state they can eliminate most streaks, or might possibly give a three month guarantee. 

PowerHouse Pressure Washing gives a Full Year Guarantee.
Compare our Prices and Risk-Free Guarantees.

No stinkin portables or old bulky ugly trailers in front of your house.
All our equipment and vehicles are custom built.

Check out the video to see our surface cleaners in action. 

Certified, Registered, Licensed and
Insured ($2M policy)

Our typical 2 - 4 person crew consists of:
Two 21 HP Truck Mounted Monsters at up to 4000 psi using 5.5 gpm each to 11 gpm
Pressure Washing Systems with a 200 gal water tank

Two 35 HP Trailer Mounted Beasts at up 3600 psi at 8.5 gpm each
Pressure Washing Systems with a 510 gal water tank

The best equipment produces far superior results

If we fail to provide insurance papers during the initial introduction or pre-job walk around, your service is FREE.
Did your driveway look like this just a few months, even weeks, after you had it cleaned last time. Here's the reason. Inferior equipment, lack of experience, no or improper chemicals. This one was less than a year old...C'mon Man.
DIY'ers, our proces is much faster, and provides lasting results at low rates.
We are well worth the minor investment.
Ask us about one simple tip to keep your driveway from getting
dirty so fast.

We GUARANTEE this won't happen.

Concrete Cleaning includes Driveway, Sidewalks, Curbs, Front Door Area, Garage Door and Jamb. Everything Treated for Mold.
Exterior Wall  - "Soft-Wash " Mold & Mildew Removal
 We are certified experts at cleaning stucco, stone, EIFS, hardie board, brick, painted wood, cast stone, and numerous other types of siding and materials. Using our dual capability, we're able to perform superior damage free Soft-Wash exterior wall mold and mildew removal up to four stories, working in tandem, with no ladders. This process also includes removing all those unsightly spider webs, mud-daubers, old wasps nests, and years of windblown dust and dirt. We clean the exterior gutters, all up in the soffits, windows and window sills, cast-stone accents, and everything else down to the foundation, including the weep holes. Damage Free and Eco-Friendly House Washing. We have the experience, we know the chemistry, and we use the most updated and refined techniques and equipment in the industry. Only trust your biggest investment to a company with a team of insured certified experts in House Washing and Mold Removal. Please see our "Residential" Services page to see just how affordable our services are.  Superior Results.

PowerHouse Pressure Washing

Check out our videos.

Three main rules of thumb for cleaning the exterior side of your house.

1. Use the least amount of pressure required,
2. Use Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions,
3. Leave a sparkling clean damage free surface
Don't let your house get this bad. Call us for an affordable Soft-Wash solution before permanent damage occurs. Exterior walls should be cleaned apx. every two years, or as needed.
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Neighborhood stucco walls for
The Village at Tuscan Lakes Community.
​These were cleaned using our Soft-Wash process. 
No clue on how long this deck went with out cleaning. It was extemely slippery. We use only as much pressure as necessary to clean with out damaging the wood. No chemicals were used in this process. 
A Quick sample how our cleaning solutions can refresh your Patio Ceilings from Mold, Mildew and Bacteria.
Cleaning a Kool Deck surface around a pool area can be a disaster if your not careful. Very few of these  can handle a surface cleaner with out causing significant damage. We treat the area first with chemicals and let them do its magic. We'll follow up with cleaning by hand as shown using much lighter pressure. A much more tedious process that costs a little bit more than normal concrete. 

Cleaning Moss and Lichen off large rocks, boulders and flowerbed rocks
This neighborhood brick wall has never been cleaned in over 15 years. After we clean it, we treat it with a solution that contains diluted bleach to really bring back and brighten the colors, kill all the deep down mold and act as an inhibitor for a little while.
Amazing difference.
Don't let your Stucco go too long with out cleaning. It is much more fragile than most exterior surfaces and extreme mold, bacteria and algae growth will eat competely thru the stucco. 
High moisture and shady areas will develop mold and mildew much quicker than other areas. This not only becomes extemely slippery when wet, but the homeowner is liable if someone slips and hurts themselves. Plus a signifcant amount of Mold gets tracked inside to your floors and carpet. Consider the diminished air quality as well.
This video is just for fun. If you like Terry Crews, you'll think this is funny. If not, it just might be too annoying.
$5 discount if you make it all the way thru.
We offer additional long-term acting treatments for heavy mold growth areas. For the DIY'ers, we can suggest what to buy at your local Home Depot or Lowes for garden hose applications.
Without a mold growth inhibitor,
mold and mildew will return much faster.

Verified Testimonials

  1. Fran S.
    I am very pleased with the job that Greg & Cody did on my house. Just today my neighbor was getting their home done (sadly by another business), but the owner complimented on how nice my house looked. Great job guys, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family. (Google Verified - 5 Stars)
  2. Joe P.
    I identified PowerHouse through YELP, and contacted 3 providers to completely power wash house, driveway, sidewalk and rear patio. Greg called back quickly and followed up. The other two providers never contacted me. We went with PowerHouse and the results were amazing. Completed all work within two hours and went beyond what we anticipated. Appearance of the house was improved significantly. I'll return to them in a heartbeat. (Yelp Verified-5 Stars)
  3. Bobby J.
    "I was well pleased with the service. Greg's website provided complete information regarding his cleaning method, so I had confidence he would do a good job. We negotiated thru thumbtack and over the phone. He arrived exactly at the time he had promised and did a thorough and professional job." (Thumbtack Verified - 5 Stars)
  4. Carol R.
    What an absolute wonderful job Greg and Cody did for me. My driveway was so dirty with dark spots from leaves and acorns. Whatever they did works excellent. My house was very moldy on a couple of sides and they cleaned it all, even my patio furniture. Looks excellent. Thanks guys. (Google Verified - 5 Stars)
  5. R. McElliot
    Great job by Greg and Cody. Driveway, sidewalks and patio look fantastic. Very reasonable. Efficient with the truck mounted rig. Will highly recommend. (Google Verified - 5 Stars)
  6. Roland L.
    Extremely happy with the level of service I received. Their truck mounted rig was very impressive. They showed me their insurance up front with out asking. Did an excellent job. Will surely use again. (Google Verified - 5 Stars)
  7. Sam L.
    Greg, the owner, was great (and a real nice person to deal with)! Not only did he have the best price, he also did an excellent job getting mold and mildew off the side of my house that does not have direct sunlight. I will definitely use him again. (Yelp Verified - 5 Stars)
  8. Sue P.
    I had this company come out to clean my driveway and house walls for mold and mildew. I could not be more happy with the service. They went far and beyond my expectations of what a pressure washing company could do. I have a fairly large back patio with outdoor furniture that was also very moldy. They cleaned it for free, among other things like my flowerbed rocks, birdbath, etc. These guys are awesome. Greg was very nice and even explained some easy things I can do myself to keep mold from growing in certain places. Everything came much cleaner than I thought was possible. This was an easy fix for the HOA letters I have been receiving. Wish the HOA would hire these guys to do our neighborhood walls. Maybe I can send the HOA a letter? Thanks Greg for the exceptional job. Kudos to you. (Yelp Verified - 5 Stars)
  9. Martena H.
    Greg and Cody did such an amazing job, these are definitely the guys to call if you ever need pressure washing services. I will definitely be using them again in the future! (Yelp Verified - 5 Stars)
  10. Jennifer A. RN, CCM, LNCC
    Licensed, fully insured and did a phenomenal job on my house. Six days earlier I paid another power wash company to power wash my house and he did such a poor job, I was nearly in tears. Powerhouse came out and did the work that should have been done in the first place and gave me a more than fair price, considering I also paid the 1st powerwash company. Will definitely use again and again!!!! (Google Verified - 5 Stars)
  11. Steve C.
    Greg's website was a hook to me. As an engineer and a safety investigator I was impressed with the technical detail. He has high tech equipment, strong safety certifications, and demonstrated a deep interest in making sure I was happy with the scope and performance of their work. I have a lot of concrete and also a pave-stone back patio which is difficult to clean. Greg showed up with his crew on time and did a great job. Highly recommended. (Thumbtack Verified - 5 Stars)
  12. B.G.
    Greg Smith pressure washed my very large driveway and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of his work or the price. In fact, have scheduled an appointment to pressure wash my pergola. (Google Verified 5 Stars)
  13. R.Duffek
    Great job, house and patios look great!!!! Highly recommend this company!! (Google Verified 5 Stars)
  14. Kenton K.
    Hired them for cleaning our house siding, and was really pleased with both the service and the results. The job wasn't big, so these guys were able to squeeze me in the same day, even though they had a busy schedule. I would hire them any time, and will be recommending them to my family and friends. Thanks for the outstanding service, Greg! (Yelp Verified 5 Stars)
About Us
PowerHouse Pressure Washing is a Locally Owned Father & Son Operated business out of League City, Texas. All our equipment is commercial grade, state of the art, and highly maintained. Our truck-mounted dual pressure washing systems were designed in cooperation with and custom built by "RamTeq Pressure Washers" here in Houston. We have invested over $65K in each truck mounted system based on a unique design that provides complete functionality unlike any other system in the industry. Our trailer mounted systems are even bigger beasts we use for larger residential jobs or our commercial and government contracts. We don't cut corners, We clean them.
We offer only First Class Superior service.

We are Certified, Registered, Licensed, and Insured with a $2M Gen. Lia. policy by Liberty Mutual Ins. We are also Commercial and Government Licensed contractors. All our experts are also certified by the Houston Area Safety Council ( HASC.com ) and we are OSHA compliant.

If we fail to provide insurance papers during the initial introduction or pre-job walk around, your service is FREE.

Our Mission
To provide every single customer with a Comprehensive First Rate Service and Excellent Damage Free Results at Very Affordable Prices with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
My name is Greg Smith and I personally oversee everything related to our business. I am a native Houstonian, raised in Friendswood, Tx. I have a Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University, and just shy of my MBA at University of Houston, Clear Lake. I have been in the pressure washing business for over ten years and personally supervise the operations management of our entire team. If you ever have any questions or concerns, they will be answered and remedied immediately, before we leave your property.
Do you have a special Charity your affiliated with that could use our services. We would love to Volunteer to help them out. We believe the wonderful organizations that gives their time and effort to helping others should be treated with, and receive back, the same courtesy and respect. Use our "Contact Us" page or give us a call to let us know who we can help, even if you don't use our service. We especially love helping our furry four legged friends at Animal Shelters.

Proud to offer our services as a Volunteer at BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions
*Anyone who has an adopted Rescue Pet from any Animal Shelter gets a special discount from us.


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