Certified by the Houston Area Safety Council
OSHA Compliant
100% Streak Free Driveway Cleaning Pressure Washing and House Washing / Soft-Wash Mold Removal Services in League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Alvin, Dickinson, Pearland, Pasadena, Houston and all surrounding areas.  

YES - Streak Free Concrete Cleaning 
1 Year Guarantee No Streaks Return or
We Re-Clean for Free
(Unmatched in the Industry! )

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Certified, Registered, Licensed
& Insured ($2M Policy)
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Photos include Residential, Commercial, Multiple HOA and Government/NASA contracts.


Free Services

  1. Flowerbed Rocks
    $ Free
    If you have a moderate amount of rocks or bricks around your front sidewalk flowerbeds, we'll get it clean at no additional cost. If by chance you have a large amount of flowerbed rocks all around your house, then the cost could be $10 and up.
  2. Outdoor Patio Furniture (non-wooden)
    $ Free
    Outdoor furniture tends to get dirty over time, even moldy. We'll get it clean fast for you. If you have a large quantity of furniture, then a minor charge might be in order. Rest assured, it will be reasonable.
  3. Small spots and areas on lower exterior walls
    $ Free
    C'mon man. Who would charge for minor things like this. We're there anyway, so we have you covered.
  4. Garage Doors
    $ Free
    Since we usually get the bottom part of your garage door dirty anyway when we clean cement, it would be fool hardy of us not to clean your entire garage door. We'll even treat the garage door and jamb for black mold.
  5. Anything we see to help you out
    $ Free
    If it's a small area or issue and will make you happy, then we're in. Your smile is our reward. Of course, we don't mind tips as well.