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Research Articles
Our aim at PowerHouse Pressure Washing is to inform you about cleaning the exterior of your house with proven facts backed by published research articles, clinical studies, and common sense. We believe you can only make the most educated decision about what services you need ONLY if you have fact based information.  We want to earn your business for years to come and enjoy the many referrals you will happily pass on to friends, family and neighbors.

What is Mold?
The bottom line is we need Mold for many reasons. Mold and Mildew is a naturally occuring process that is required in the process of breaking down decaying organic matter, such as dead plants, leaves or dead animals. We need it, but don't neccesarily like to see it in certain places. See the link below for some general info that is interesting to read. This website can answer many of your questions covering numerous topics.
Mold & Mildew on Exterior Surfaces
It's everywhere. We can never fully get rid of it and certainly don't want to. That's okay though because we can remove it from any area you prefer not to see it. We use only the best equipment so we can provide the absolute best results. Results that can last far longer. We don't mess around, because your business has to be earned. 
The link below contains some good general info, and some tips on how you can personally tackle some mold problems.
The Key to Mold control is moisture control.
This is a wonderful website from the EPA and can answer many questions you might have about Mold. 
From this link, you can access many topics on Mold and Mildew, and many other similar related topics.
Toxic Black Mold
Lets go ahead and get this topic covered because it is a big one if your home or business is infected. There are hundreds, even thousands, of types of Black Mold, and as with most common molds, it is the allergens that can cause a lot of the allergic reactions and repiratory problems. So, just because it is Black Mold, doesn't mean it is Toxic Black Mold. Please don't take any chances, though, if you suspect it is Toxic Black Mold.
Please see link below to see how this nasty stuff is classified and the toxins it contains.

Here is a link for Home Mold Test Kits

Bleach found to Neutralize Mold Allergens

Did you know that even if you kill mold with certain chemicals, the Allergens that cause the allergic reactions can survive. We use the appropriate Biocide dilution ratio with water to kill mold and the Allergens, and yet keep your plants safe.
The link below is a published clinical study from the National Jewish Medical and Research Center.

Did you know Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is good for plants.

Are your plants not  looking so good? This could be something for you. The chemical make-up of H2O2 make this substance great for certain Horticultural applications. Very interesting.
The link below explains everything you need to know to make a more educated decision on what to do about your plants.
Did you know Dogs get sick from Mold too
Are you concerned that your dog is sick and the veterinarian can not figure out what is causing the illness. Your dog may have aquired a rash and skin infection, or chronic ear infections, but in reality it is very possible that it is Mold related. This might shed some light if you have mold growth in your back yard or around your property, and especially in your home. Here are some articles that could be of some great insight. We care deeply about household pets and both of these articles are definitely something you should read about.